Legend of the Dragon Fist is an online game created by Ben Olding.  It is based on Chinese martial arts cinema.


  • Dragon Guard
  • Master Cheng
  • Wu Tang
  • Shaolin
  • Ninja
  • Green Serpent
  • Lo Ki
  • Chingamy Yip
  • High Priest
  • Dragon Master

   The object of the game is to defeat 10 opponents.  The boss is the Dragon Master with the eye-popping special ability to grab an opponent and rip out their heart, therefore killing the player.  Each character has a special ability that has some special application.  The controls are as follows:

  • Punch: T
  • Kick: Y
  • Special: T+Y
  • Jump: W
  • Walk: A/D
  • Block: S

     Different attacks can be performed by pressing different combinations of keys.