Dragon Fist 2: Battle for the Blade is the sequel to an online game, Legend of the Dragon Fist, created by Ben Olding.  It is based on Chinese martial arts cinema.

Characters Edit

The game features 13 playable characters (19 with cheats). Each one has their respective weapon (with the exception of High Priest, Dragon Master and Fong) that can be changed in the character select menu and their unique special move which can be used once their special bar is full (red).

  • Shaolin
  • Wu Tang
  • Ninja
  • Green Serpent
  • Master Cheng
  • Dragon Soldier
  • Lo Ki
  • Chingamy Yip
  • Onochi Takahashi
  • Master Kwun
  • Tang Mo Kei
  • Wong Su
  • Shun Lau
  • Red Flower
  • Iron Monkey (cheats)
  • Ice Queen (cheats)
  • High Priest (cheats)
  • Dragon Master (cheats)
  • Dark Lord (cheats)
  • Fong (cheats)

Weapons Edit

Dragon Fist 2 features the use of weapons for the first time. Each weapon has three attacks, based on the same controls as the punches. While holding a weapon, the player can still kick the opponent and use a punch attack.

  • Shaolin Spade
  • Jian
  • Ninja Sword
  • Kwan Dao
  • Qiang
  • Dao
  • Nunchaku
  • Hook Swords
  • Katana
  • Whip
  • Dragon Blade (cheats)
  • Automatic Shotgun (cheats)

    As in the first Dragon Fist, Dragon Fist 2's controls are exactly the same.  The main achievements to be noted are the use of weapons and extra characters.